Spring Farm Sanctuary joins the OMI Herd


We are proud to share with you a project that has been in the works for more than a year. Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge and Spring Farm Sanctuary are joining forces to meet the needs of our animal residents and advocate for their kind. The Spring Farm family is joining our team!

We met Robin and Buck, the Co-Founders of Spring Farm Sanctuary, in 2018 while we were struggling to save the life of a calf named Spock. Though they were running a sanctuary of their own, they sent a donation to help pay our enormous vet bill. Two years later, Robin and Buck were trying to save the life of their gorgeous pig, Libby. We sent a donation and a fruit basket for Libby in the hospital. Neither Spock nor Libby survived their infections, but they both had the full support of their organizations and every opportunity possible. Our friendship with Spring Farm has happened over many years, and it was born of mutual respect and admiration for high-quality standards of animal care.

Norman Tucker of Spring Farm Sanctuary is one of three steers moving to Tennessee.

While Robin and Buck wind down their physical operation in Minnesota, the animals of Spring Farm will start the process of moving to Tennessee under the very experienced and diligent supervision of both organizations. We already have plans well underway for the animals of Spring Farm to join our herds in newly expanded pastures on the Odd Man Inn property. The transition will be at a pace that is safe and comfortable for the animals; SLOW AND STEADY.


Robin and Buck will be retiring from physical animal care responsibilities, but they will still be very much involved in the important volunteer work that happens behind the scenes… planning, organizing, fundraising, communicating, and strategizing. The multifaceted ongoing support they are providing for their animals is a testimony to the powerful commitment they made when they accepted the animals into their care.

Please join us in celebrating a beautiful collaboration between two organizations who serve at the pleasure of the animals… and help us welcome the animals of Spring Farm to Tennessee life at Odd Man Inn! 

Annabelle of Spring Farm Sanctuary is a Mangalitsa pig. She’s a white version of our Sid the Swamp Pig! She is one of eight pigs moving to Tennessee.