Odd Man Inn Moves to Tennessee

We have lovingly accepted the surrender of over 160 pigs formerly of The Pig Preserve in Jamestown, TN, and purchased their 93 acre sanctuary home. We've taken the reins of one of the largest herds of rescued farm pigs in the country.

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We NEED your help with this huge project

Your donation helps with a few hundred "chores"

The Animals

160+ pigs in TN need immediate:

  • Veterinary exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Fecal tests
  • Hoof and tusk exams/trimming
  • Create separate fencing for special needs/elderly animals
  • Fence quarantine areas for incoming animals
  • Fence areas for cows and small grazers to be safely integrated into the property
  • Sleeping sheds need to be moved from areas in deep mud
  • Entrance awnings built on every sleeping shed to protect them from the weather
  • Floors raised in every sleeping shed to protect from erosion and mud

The Property

  • Fences need to be repaired and replaced throughout the entire property
  • Gates need to be moved and reset for grounds repair
  • Create safe feeding routines for volunteers to assist with meals
  • Create safe walking paths for tours/guests/volunteers
  • Heavily trafficked animal paths need to be excavated for proper drainage and safety in walking or driving to care for the animals
  • Pig pastures need reseeding and restoration
  • Ponds need to be inspected for erosion control
  • Immediate need for:
    • Food storage and prep building
    • Refrigerated produce storage building
    • Tool and equipment shed
    • Bedding and feeder Hay storage
    • Medical barn
  • Sleeping sheds all need insulation and interior paneling
  • Two large tractors in need of service/maintenance
  • ATV in need of service/maintenance to help feed the animals
  • Weather-destroyed sleeping shed needs to be removed from property

The Move

  • All Washington animals need professional veterinary checks and certificates to be cleared for transport to Tennessee
  • Fuel expenses for transport
  • Professional services to assist with some transport

The Bunk House at Odd Man Inn

The current dwelling on the property will be remodeled to provide “Bunk House” style lodging for volunteers and visitors and a stream of income for the animal residents.

  • Immediate roof replacement for leaking and damage
  • Water damage repair on both levels
  • Walls and flooring ripped out and replaced
  • Deck lifted for safety
  • Generator needed as a secure backup power source
  • Well inspected and repaired for backup water source
  • Septic systems serviced

We've adopted 160 pigs!

We are raising funds not only for Odd Man Inn to relocate and purchase almost 100 acres of land, but also to help welcome the 160 pigs in Tennessee into the security of the Odd Man Inn family as we lovingly restore their home.

Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated

Donate Now

Odd Man Inn is a 501c3 nonprofit farm animal sanctuary and adoption shelter. We cannot do this work without the support of fellow humans who believe in COMPASSION.