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Meet Eppah!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Size: Small


Animal Control in Cowlitz County, WA called one day to ask if we’d take a pig with a serious injury to her leg. Eppah’s breed is called a Guinea Hog, which are smaller pigs raised for meat. It appeared she escaped her farm, but got hit by a car on the interstate, resulting in a crushed back hoof, a broken leg, and a pelvis cracked in four places. Euthanasia would have been  reasonable option, but her gentle demeanor allowed the doctors at Oregon State to consider her for surgery. The only solution was an amputation, which we all agreed to try for her. 

Quality of life is a serious consideration in every situation, and while Eppah’s mobility is very limited, her quality of life remains excellent. She is a fierce warrior when it comes to snacks, meals, and snuggling her best friend, Frances. She loves to be brushed and scratched. She suns and swamps with enthusiasm. We care for her with the utmost of caution to make sure she has easy access to the things she loves, which is the only way we can make this life possible for her. While we cannot change the circumstances that brought her our way, we are grateful every day to have the opportunity to let Eppah live her very best Sanctuary Babe life.