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Meet Florence!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Female


In 2021, we received a call from two men in Seattle, Washington who had gone down the “magical mini pig” rabbit hole. They quickly realized that this little girl was not well suited for a life of sweater vests and leashes in the big city, and they started looking for help. Florence was well loved, respected and very, very spoiled when she arrived at OMI Washington. Her trousseau included seasonal attire, a poofy cat bed and a playpen for bouncy balls. Imagine her surprise when we told her she was allowed to go outside to play in the mud!

Florence has now grown into young adulthood with us here in Tennessee, and she has blossomed into a confident big sister for little Seneca. Party dresses were fun in her past life, but now she spends the days just doing “pig stuff.” The hyper anxiety we saw when she arrived at OMI has melted away into the relaxation we see as a characteristic of Sanctuary Babe life. She’s not performing for anyone. She’s not hungry to be entertained. She’s just living her very best life in as peaceful a way as we can provide.