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Meet Seneca!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Fentress County, Tennessee is a dangerous place to be a stray little pig. When our neighborhood FB group started buzzing about a loose piglet, someone was kind enough to alert us. No one claimed him. No one wanted him. OMI is in a generationally owned animal agriculture community. Small farms are all we see on every side. Land is logged and clear-cut with abandon. We are very proud to own 93 acres of SAFE space in a part of the country where animals need our particular brand of assistance. (Approximately 40 acres of the property is dedicated to helping farmed animals, and the remaining space is a safe buffer of land surrounding the sanctuary that houses a myriad of wildlife who are living their own lives in peace.)

Seneca is a youngster, and he currently resides in the closer proximity of our Medical Barnyard. He has made best friends with another Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig named Florence, and they spend the days grazing together on the hillside and contemplating the wonder of a perfectly timed Secret Snack.