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Meet Hamlet!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Hamlet is one of the countless potbelly pigs who lose their family year after year. Breeders prey on folks who do not do the appropriate amount of research and foolishly assume that pigs are a lot like dogs. It could not be further from the truth, and the pig often is the one who suffers. Small pigs like Hamlet need outdoor space, consistent routines, herd mates who are pigs, species appropriate nutrition and professional vet care. Pigs are extremely tolerant animals, and that tolerance often gets them in trouble. A vast majority of the small pigs we intake are in terrible condition because of that tolerance. 

Hamlet is a sweet, shy boy who was discarded early in his life. He’s a cute little man who prefers the company of pigs over people. He has a herd of pigs that he calls his family in the safety of the Med Barn, and they include Doc, Dixie, JoJo, Petunia and Hazel. Our Med Barn pigs are not necessarily medical patients. It is also where our smaller, shyer pigs live. We provide the Med Barn with extra support for smaller legs, smaller bellies, gentler dispositions and any other individualized needs they have.