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Meet Iris!


Sex: Male


The “Flower Girls” are named Flower, Buttercup and Iris. They are Yorkshire sisters who were rescued from a zoo in Minnesota that showcased a “petting zoo” exhibit. When the female of the exhibit became pregnant with a litter of babies, the zoo planned to send her to slaughter. Instead of that terrible fate, Irma and her babies were rescued by kind humans who all took on a little of the workload of a huge litter of FOURTEEN piglets. We keep in touch with their human rescuers still to this day, and they visit once a year to see the girls. 

Flower is the most gregarious of the three girls. She’s friendly and social. Iris is the most independent. She ‘s often doing her own thing without a care in the world. Buttercup is the most shy. She loves her pig family, but she is a little apprehensive of human strangers. All three sisters live together in the Solsbury Hill neighborhood of OMI, and they spend most of their time in the wooded holler behind their house. They are gentle girls who quietly command respect form the rest of the herd…. Partly because of their demeanor, but also because they each weigh approximately 700 pounds. All three of these girls were a part of our efforts to spay the Tennessee females upon our arrival to the property in 2021. They were three of the 54 girls who were successfully provided with the appropriate level of healthcare when we took over this herd.