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Meet Knox!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Knox was one of the 159 pigs surrendered to OMI when we moved to Tennessee and took over the herd in 2021. She’s a very beautiful Red Wattle with dark red hair and a quiet, friendly demeanor. Slightly shy with new humans, Knox warms up quickly with respectful, calm interactions. Knox lives with a group of mature females who all needed to be spayed when we arrived. Over the course of 30 months, we spayed 54 females. This, along with vaccinations, hoof care, medical record creation and deworming, brought the entire herd up to speed on their healthcare. Her best friends include Scarlett, Sally Mae, Ruby, Kiwi, Twinkie, Easter and Daisy. These ladies are older matriarchs whose quality of life was greatly improved after being spayed. They have decreased risks of cancer, polyps, bleeding, infection, masses and the frustration that comes with the dramatic hormone cycles known to plague female pigs of all breeds.