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Meet Modoc!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Modoc was the catalyst for the intake of the entire crew known as “Uncle Floyd and the Floydlings”. We received an email from a woman who had very little knowledge of pig care, yet she had started “rescuing” pigs. In her email, she said, “pigs keep dying, and I don’t understand why.” We took a visit to the property to assess the situation, and we found Modoc as a lifeless little bundle hiding in a grain bag in the barn. She had nearly 30 pigs that needed help, but Modoc was not going to survive the night. We drove him immediately to the University of Tennessee, where he received first class supportive care and made a full recovery. We went back twice to the property to help every pig get to safety, and we worked in tandem with Shepherd’s Green to get everyone appropriately vetted and placed into safe homes.

Modoc and his little man-family reside at Odd Man Inn in our Med Barn only because they’re too small for Gen Pop. They’ve all made a full recovery from their former lives, and we’re thrilled to have them here. Modoc is the most social of the “Floydlings,” and he loves a good Secret Snack when we can catch him alone!