Miss Cleo is our new HOA PRESIDENT. Stay Tuned for Results!!

Meet Floyd!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


“Uncle” Floyd and the Floydlings were our first major rescue operation in Tennessee. We partnered with another pig sanctuary called Shepherd’s Green to safely remove nearly 30 small pigs from a home where they were dying of starvation. We transported the enormous gaggle of pigs off the property, and we took Floyd and his man-babies under our care. The 5 boys all spent their time in quarantine recovering from surgery and eating as much as they needed to get healthy. The little family now resides in the Med Barn only because they are small, not because they are sick. Floyd is the adorable leader of the little pack, and he absolutely loves humans. He’s a forgiving and friendly survivor, and we’re proud to have him as one of our residents.

Floyd’s babies are Modoc, Spoonie, Waffles, and Oy. They have also adopted Hooper into their little man-club, which is absolutely adorable.