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Meet Poppy!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Poppy was one of the 159 pigs surrendered to us when we took over the property in Tennessee. She had a very serious wound on her back, which was reported to have been there since her arrival years earlier. She was an abuse case, and she had both physical and emotional wounds that still needed to be healed. We’ve spent time with Poppy every single day since our arrival helping her repair the wound on her back, and we’re proud of how far she’s come in her recovery! She allows daily ointment application to keep the skin healthy, which is a testimony to the TRUST we have earned from her. She used to run away terrified, and now she sits perfectly still while we work every day.

She lives in a small little herd of pigs in our Med Barn with her best friends, Jude and Bo Dudley. They’re a gentle little group who love sunbathing and summer popsicles. Poppy was finally well enough in 2023 to undergo sedation and become one of the fifty four females we spayed on the property. She is now a healthy, happy girl who we believe will live a long full life here in sanctuary.