Miss Cleo is our new HOA PRESIDENT. Stay Tuned for Results!!

Meet Our Newest Rescue: Zorgon

Attention earthlings! We have some extraordinary news to share with you today. Our latest rescue is an alien pig! Yes, you heard it right, an alien pig! Zorgon crash-landed on our sanctuary late last night, and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw him. He looks just like a regular pig, except for the […]

Spring Farm Sanctuary joins the OMI Herd

WE’RE JOINING FORCES FOR THE ANIMALS We are proud to share with you a project that has been in the works for more than a year. Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge and Spring Farm Sanctuary are joining forces to meet the needs of our animal residents and advocate for their kind. The Spring Farm family is joining […]

With a Little Help from our Friends…

SANCTUARY CLINIC WEEK WITH FARM SANCTUARY In June 2021, Odd Man Inn gratefully welcomed 7 members of the Farm Sanctuary animal care staff for a “Sanctuary Clinic Week” at our new location in Jamestown, Tennessee. After months of preparation, the teams arrived from both sides of the country to help us perform health checks on […]

Jolene the Pig Helps Her Animal Sanctuary Find A New Forever Home

Over 100 animal residents, including Jolene, will travel an epic 2,700-miles to their new home in Tennessee. Washougal, WA – Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge and Wildlife Rehab announced its relocation to a 93-acre property in Jamestown, TN, formerly known as The Pig Preserve. Odd Man Inn will also adopt more than 160 large farm pigs […]

Adoption Saves Lives

…AND NOT JUST CATS AND DOGS! We started Odd Man Inn with just 2 dogs, a cat, and seven backyard chickens in the suburbs of Portland, OR. When we moved to the property we currently sit on (just under 4 acres in Washougal, WA), we wanted to make room for other animals in need. Within […]

She Found Us

Though Josh and I call ourselves the co-founders of Odd Man Inn, the truth is that she found us. In December 2015, I incorporated our name as a gift to us both for Christmas… as a joke. I made a little 3-ring binder with the legal documents and the receipt from the Secretary of State. I had […]

Why Wildlife Rehabilitation?

In July 2020, Odd Man Inn became a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility in the state of Washington. We trained for 18 months and over 1000 hours under the instruction of Dr. Jean Cypher at Rowena Wildlife Clinic in Mosier, OR. The experience gained by working elbow to elbow with a wildlife veterinarian has been invaluable.  […]


Dairy cows hold a special place in our hearts after losing Darla last year. The magnitude of exploitation and abuse involved in the dairy industry is incomprehensible… no matter the size or quality of the farm. Popcorn is a Jersey cow. Being born a male, he’s considered a “byproduct” of the dairy industry. Males are […]

Bat Pigs and Ethics

The living room is always a littered disarray of animals living their best lives. There are cats on the laundry pile, pigs next to the couch, and two squirrel sisters in the clinic room. The bed has a giant dog. Two middle-aged box turtles are preparing for torpor in the kitchen. I’m sure there’s a […]

Saving Grace

“GOOD ENOUGH FOR DOG FOOD” Grace was listed online as, “Good enough for dog food.” After being bred too young, Grace, a Hereford pig typically used for meat, required a c-section to get her piglets out. Her incision then ruptured because she wasn’t kept calm enough during her recovery period at home. Rather than pay […]