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Meet Alice!


Sex: Male


Alice is a true Cinderella story in the world of pigs. She started her life in a Seattle apartment where her person tried to keep her little by underfeeding her. When Alice became frustrated by a life of hunger and solitude, she lashed out at him. Her person left her at the downtown Seattle Animal Shelter, and told them she was “aggressive.” That is a dangerous designation in the world of animal rescue, and the shelter knew she was in trouble. No one wants a biting pig! They called OMI for help, and we quickly picked her up. Alice was HUNGRY, which was the main source of her irritability, and the solution was a healthy diet and maintaining an appropriate weight for a potbellied pig. She made pig friends. She foraged. She flourished. And she never once bit anyone again. 

Alice is now a mature gal living in a small herd of pigs in our Gen Pop herd. Her best friends are Yoda, Cherry Bomb, Bernard and Mister Martini. They choose to snuggle together in the Carpet Houses neighborhood, where they spend most days lounging underneath a lovely shaded awning. Alice’s retirement has turned into a far different outcome than the path she was on initially, and we’re pleased as punch to be able to provide that for her.