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Meet Cherry Bomb!

Cherry Bomb

Sex: Male


Cherry Bomb came to us after being rescued in Southern California by Saving Animal Healing Hearts. A feed store owner passed away and left dozens of pigs in small dog kennels behind the store. Being in LA county, pigs are not allowed, which meant the illegal pigs had to be moved out. Many were in very bad shape from years of neglect. Cherry came to us with three others named HonkyTonk, GongShow, and BoomBoom. BoomBoom had a terrible tumor in her brain that was not survivable, but Honk and Gong were lovingly adopted by an OMI volunteer. Cherry became immediate friends with Yoda, Alice, and Bernard, and they adopted Mister Martini into their family when he arrived at OMI in Tennessee. 

Partnering with other animal rescue organizations is an essential part of this work. We share information and resources. We lean on one another in difficult times. We work together for common goals. And we help share some of the load when it feels too heavy. Cherry is an example of what that can look like when we focus on the right thing… the well-being of the animals.