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Meet Bailey!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


There’s always a first, and that is Bailey. She was the very first pig resident of Odd Man Inn in Washington, and she was an ambassador for the vital importance of basic healthcare needs of farmed animals. She was our very first introduction into pig care.

Bailey was advertised as “free pig to good home” on Craigslist. It’s amazing we got to her before anyone bought her to kill and eat. She lived in the high desert of Central Oregon, which has harsh sun in the summer and bitter cold and snow in the winter. In spite of that climate, Bailey lived in the chicken coop under a pallet of wood covered in a tarp. She hobbled out to us on hooves that were shaped like elf shoes, and she was terrified of interaction. We had to get her hooves done under sedation by the vet during her spay surgery. She took months to settle into a routine with us, but the warm house and good meals definitely helped ease the transition.

Bailey lives in a small herd of older pigs in the Medical Barnyard. Her best friends are Penelope, Priscilla, and Rosalie. Those girls make up what we call “Melvin’s ladies.” Her breed is called a Vietnamese Potbelly, and her favorite pastime is watching the native Purple Martins raise their young in our birdhouses.