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Meet Priscilla!



Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Priscilla came to us from the Spokane County Regional Animal Shelter in Washington State. She was surrendered to the shelter, and they reached out for some help getting her to safety. Much of our work in Washington was focused on finding good homes for animals in need, and pigs were notoriously the hardest to place. The struggle to find homes that both respect pigs and know how to care for them is incredibly difficult. When we spot a pig who is trapped in a dog/cat shelter, we realize the chance for them to find the right home is very slim. Pigs are a very unique species. While they can live very comfortably as domesticated house pets, it does require different skills than a dog or a cat. Priscilla is one of countless pigs who lose their home because the commitment to lifelong care is too great. Please consider virtually adopting a rescued pig in a sanctuary setting rather than trying to take on the potential 20-year lifespan of a potbellied pig. Priscilla lives in a small herd of pigs in our Med Barn with Melvin, Penelope, Bailey, and Rosalie.