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Meet Penelope (WA)!

Penelope (WA)

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


“Big P” was our second pig ever to come to OMI in Washington. She was an owner surrender from a young woman who could no longer provide for her needs in a  one bedroom apartment. When we arrived to pick Penelope up, she was living in the kitchen of a second floor apartment, which is not a safe situation for a 200 pound pig. We learned about integrating pigs, and Penelope became friends with our first pig, Bailey. Neither of these girls had ever known another pig, and they quickly became the best of friends. They’re still together years later in our new sanctuary home in Tennessee. They live in a small herd we call “Melvin’s ladies”, which consists of Penelope, Bailey, Priscilla, Rosalie, and Melvin. All of these pigs are Washington originals.