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Meet Spoonie!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Spoonie (aka- SpoonMan) is one of the tiny group of man-pigs we refer to as Uncle Floyd and the Floydlings. They were part of a rescue operation in early 2022 where nearly 30 pigs were starving and in desperate need of assistance. We partnered with a fellow Tennessee pig sanctuary called Shepherd’s Green to remove all of the pigs from the property. We helped them get vet care and safe placement into homes. Spoonie and his brothers all became permanent residents of OMI. The family consists of Uncle Floyd, Spoonie, Modoc, Waffles, and Oy, but they have lovingly adopted Uncle Hooper into their tribe. Hoops is one of our Washington originals, and he rounds out the crew perfectly. These boys all live in the Med Barn because they are terribly small. Poor genetics and starvation are what cause that, not to be confused with the “mini pig” myth. The boys are all healthy, but they will be very small for the rest of their lives.