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Meet Waffles!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Waffles is the easiest one to identify in the family known as “Uncle Floyd and the Floydlings”. He’s a polka dotted cutie of epic proportions. In early 2022, this family was surrendered to OMI as part of a group of nearly 30 pigs. We worked with a fellow pig sanctuary in Tennessee to help all of the pigs get off the property and get the help they needed. Waffles and his brothers came to OMI with their “Uncle Floyd” where they are currently living as permanent residents of our Med Barn. They’re healthy, but their growth will be stunted for life. Waffles’ favorite treats are strawberries, and it’s the closest we can ever get to this shy boy. He will eat them like a baby bird straight from your hand, but he’s a “no touch” sort of pig.

Waffles’ entire family is Uncle Floyd, Spoonie, Modoc, and Oy, but they have also adopted Hooper into their little man-family. Hoops is one of our original pigs from Washington, and we love that they have allowed him into the clubhouse.