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Meet Oy!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


The Floydlings are made up of Uncle Floyd, Modoc, Spoonie, Waffles, and Oy. All five were rescued as part of a starvation case in early 2022. There were nearly 30 pigs on the property, and they were living off of a giant tub full of spent grain soup, which was just a giant vat of moldy tan water. The animals were undernourished, loaded with parasites and dying. We removed all of the pigs from the property and worked with a neighboring pig sanctuary, Shepherd’s Green, to get them vetted and placed into safe homes. Oy was one of the small group of tiny man-babies we took in as residents of Odd Man Inn. Oy is the one with the small pink spot on his nose, and he’s the smallest of the crew. Tiny pigs like this are not “mini” pigs. They are starved runts with terrible genetics who are unnaturally small. He’s a skittish little guy who does NOT allow scritches, and we respect that. The only time he gets handled is for medical care, including annual vaccines and deworming. Otherwise, he lives a very carefree life as one of the tiniest pigs on the entire OMI property!