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Meet Jack Benny!

Jack Benny

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Jack was one of the eight pigs who came to OMI when Springfarm Sanctuary downsized their operations in 2022. He’s a huge, gentle Yorkshire with a devilish grin and a passion for the swamp. Jack is one of our most challenging resident for sunscreen application in the warmer months, but it’s an essential part of caring for pink pigs. The rates of skin cancer are extremely high, and so we endure his growling and walk him gently through the process every day. Caregivers laugh daily at his dinosaur impersonation as he roars at us, which is really all for show. He’s not a biter, at all.

Jack lives in our GenPop herd of pigs, and her friends are a mixture of breeds; Mangalitsas, Herefords, Ferals, and a few little potbellies, too! The area we call the Washington/Minnesota neighborhood is our most diverse representation of sizes and breeds on the whole property. It includes Jolene from Washington, Asher from Tennessee, sweet little potbellies like Mister Lee and Betsy, ferals like Falkor, and KuneKunes like Bubo! They’re the most beautiful representation of how different sizes and breeds can live in perfect harmony.