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Meet Marge!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Marge was one of the eight pigs that came to OMI when Springfarm Sanctuary downsized their operations in 2022. She’s a HUGE dominant female with a beautiful face and salty personality. She’s all sass! While her partner, Jack, will growl a warning when it’s time for sunscreen application, Marge comes at you with her TEETH! Marge is what is typically known as a “jumper”. Young pigs are found on the highway after having jumped off of transport trucks. She’s a Yorkshire pig, which is the breed typically used in animal agriculture not only because of their ability to produce huge litters of babies, but also because of their gentle demeanors. Marge’s sass is likely what saved her life. 

Marge lives in our GenPop herd of pigs, and her friends are a mixture of breeds; Mangalitsas, Herefords, Ferals, and a few little potbellies, too! The area we call the Washington/Minnesota neighborhood is our most diverse representation of sizes and breeds on the whole property. It includes Jolene from Washington, Asher from Tennessee, sweet little potbellies like Mister Lee and Betsy, ferals like Falkor, and KuneKunes like Bubo! They’re the most beautiful representation of how different sizes and breeds can live in perfect harmony.